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Edeltraud Grace from Biomagnetic Healing with your Hands attended the NEDC Members meeting (National Eating Disorder Conference) in Canberra on the 22 June 2015 and brought with her a case study where BMH was able to help a anorexia girl already after the first session. For everyone interested to read it, here we share the full paper.
We would like to thank the organisers of the NEDC meeting from the heart. Special thanks to Prof. Susan Paxton, Dr Sarah Maguire, Dr Richard Newton, Elaine Painter, Dr Warren Ward and Kim Ryan for your informative speeches and workshops! We will add on our BMH website very soon more details about all the services supplied by the NEDC.
The following is the case study that we brought to the event.

Case Study: January 2013. Teenager with Severe Anorexia: Elise

One of my former students from my energy therapy trainings, which I offer additionally to my Psychotherapy and Counselling practice, came to me with the hope that I might be able to help his 15 year old daughter Elise. He told on the phone that she was suffering under severe anorexia and was under the treatment of a medical doctor and also a psychiatrist, but nothing helped, there was no improvement and it seemed her condition got even worse. He also mentioned that she now had also problems at school as the school did not allow her to participate anymore in certain enjoyable activities, such as joining the school camp.

Having informed him that I was not certain if I could help her as I was not trained medically for treating eating disorders and could not promise specific results. Still he urgently wanted to bring her to me, as his understanding of the basis of Magnetic Healing/Therapeutic Magnetism had made logical sense to him.

When she came into my office she looked thin and frail, or better said, she looked more like a shadow than a young girl.

As a certified psychotherapist it was my practice to ask people about significant events in their life. She mentioned a difficult divorce of her parents two years ago, and at time her anorexia had also started to develop. It was my prognosis that BioMagnetic Healing could potentially achieve positive outcomes with her.

BioMagnetic Healing, Therapeutic Magnetism what is that?

“Magnetic energy is the elementary energy from which the entire life of the organism is dependant.” -Werner Heisenberg, recognised physicist and Nobel prize winner. (1901-1976)

” All diseases are energy based, magnetic field based and are magnetic, plasmatic-magnetic field based.” Keshe Foundation

(And literally to heal diseases on the physical and with that also on the soul level we have to target the magnetic field and bring it back into harmony and order.)

Magnetism is the force that holds the universe together in its core!
Everything is in a state of vibrations….micro cosmos = macro cosmos
…….the upper equals the lower… in the smallest, so in the largest….

We are already aware of the Magnetic Field of the Earth

Like Earth, also our body, every cell, every atom and every elementary particle has its own electromagnetic field. Just like the geomagnetic field of the earth protects us against the ingression of highly energised particles from space – just like our own magnetic field protects us from harmful influences from our environment. This auric atmosphere and magnetic field can be felt by sensitive individuals.

Through the influence of shock and traumatic experiences or long-term stress this auric field can be distorted and the orderly flow of energy and the communication between cells gets blocked. This has many harmful effects, as Health equates with Order and Illness equates with Disorder in the Auric Field.

BioMagnetic Healing (Therapeutic Magnetism) is applied to reinstate a natural order in the Auric Field.

In this case I applied a session of BioMagnetic Healing treatment, which resulted in a degree of re-ordering of her personal magnetic field. This initial BioMagnetic Healing (BMH) treatment, where I applied a Nerve treatment session, resulted in a call from her father the next day telling me that to his other astonishment, Elise came home from school, looked for food in the fridge and started to eat. She also asked for specific food her father should buy for her, something she has not done in years.

She came to the second session a week later. She already looked so much more alive and she looked radiant, completely different. Another session followed a week later, so three sessions altogether, and in each instance I had conducted the Nerve treatment. She had from this point of time overcome the anorexia completely to the astonishment of her doctor and the psychiatrist, none of them to the amazement of the father ever contacted me to ask what I have done with Elise that she recovered so quickly. A year after the treatment she was still tracking very well, according to updates and reports from her father.

I would be prepared to forward you the father’s contact details, as I realise that there are a significant number of anorexia sufferers and more numbers of concerned parents, who may wish to consider therapeutic magnetism as an additional treatment approach, which could potentially achieve similar results to Elise, helping their young children and teenagers.

“Elise continues to improve and appears to be eating very well as she has been with me for the last two days. People are commenting how much better she looks. The only explanation is that she began to make an instant improvement in her eating and state of mind immediately after she saw you for the first time. I hear her commenting to people about it on the phone when they ask her about her health as she sais: ” The psychiatrist in the city could not help and the doctor could not help me, but dad brought me to this lady he knows and after the first time I saw her I felt so much better.” I feel she really has turned the corner with her anorexia.” Rob Dowdell

You may be able to understand how happy I was, especially as he and also Elise felt so hopeless when they first entered my office. I feel a moral & ethical obligation to let as many people know about this treatment and the success in this case of anorexia. I will not claim that it can help every anorexia sufferer, however I would advocate researching & trialling this modality further and presenting this treatment option for severe anorexia sufferers.

Therapeutic Magnetism is as such an ancient method of healing and is also called mesmerism, according to its re-discoverer, the well regarded German physician Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer (1734 – 1815).

He recognised: “Of all bodies of nature, the human body has the strongest energy & magnetism output and flows effect on other humans. No living or inanimate body is able to replace it.”

The charging, discharging, cleansing and ordering of the body’s energy flow through therapeutic magnetism on a human being is achieved through:
The laying of hands directly on or 6-10 cm above the fully clothed body, streaming into the body, through systematic brushes on or above the body and through circular movements.

Therapeutic magnetism orders the magnetic fields in the body, it can thereby alleviate every illness through harmonisation and the impact on the cell metabolism will be also beneficially influenced. Therapeutic magnetism can be used exclusively or in addition with other therapeutic methods, due to: ” Therapeutic magnetism is the elementary energy that the entire life of the organism depends on.” Werner Heisenberg, Physicist & Nobel prize winner.

It is also extremely helpful for prevention.

” An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” The application of Magnetic Therapy can be a wonderful support for self-help for every single person and family.

“Every human exhibits it, only slightly differently due to his or her individuality…” (BioMagnetism) J.W. von Goethe.

BioMagnetic Healing is inexpensive and easy to learn, enabling also parents and carers to be able to support their families with many health concerns.

Please note: In order to attend the training/seminar you have to read the book Biomagnetic Healing with your Hands, Therapeutic Magnetism in Theory and Practice before the actual training. –

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We Extend to you this opportunity to align with this window timeframe that you have been given to allow yourself to align with the highest frequency so that you may experience this transmission in the most positive and ecstatic way possible.

Bashar: “Now you can understand from this point forward the vibration of; Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse will be linking resonantly to your lunar energy so that you can all thus then by allowing yourselves to feel that particular resonance frequency that has been added to your oversoul body, added to the collective consciousness of your world you can now begin to truly move in the direction in a positive way of becoming lunatics (audience laughter). And in that way you will become far more like us, good crazy so that you can become crazy good and live an extraordinary life.”

This is a unique opportunity for us to meditate and add our energy to the collective, for everything changes in the fall of 2016.

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